Why is it that seniors are in so much better shape today than at any other time in history?

The older generation is looking distinctly less worn than they did when our grandparents were young. Have they found the fountain of youth? Is there some secret they’re not telling us?

The truth is much simpler than that.

We’ve demystified the reasons why seniors are healthier and happier today than ever before; some of these may surprise you. Others? Not so much.


Remember when your mother told you to eat your vegetables so you got all the vitamins you needed?

With today’s market for vitamins and supplements, there’s no need to stuff your face full of beets and cabbage to get your daily dose of essential nutrients; all you have to do is take a pill to get that little extra. This means that seniors, who in previous generations suffered vitamin deficiencies, are getting all the B6 and Vitamin D they need.

New diet trends

The current age of nutrition has also brought about new diet trends. Diets like vegetarian, vegan and Paleo diets are the latest innovations in eating healthy.

Since information and foods for these types of diets have become more readily available, seniors find it easier to eat better as society evolves into a more health-conscious state of mind. Grocery stores now have full sections dedicated to more beneficial foods and ways of eating, so it’s easy to follow along.


Something which we can all benefit from, and we’ve seen how much seniors are benefiting from it, is exercise. Gone are the days where old age meant cryptifying in your favorite armchair.

Today’s seniors are encouraged to get up and get moving, and with the prevalence of fitness centers popping up in areas close to home, convenience has been a big factor. As the saying goes: “A body in motion stays in motion.”

social interactivity

It might be odd for millennials to imagine their aging parents on things like Facebook and Twitter, but modern day technological marvels can actually help the elderly to stay in a positive, active mindset.

Social media allows better interactivity with family members through programs like Skype, whereas ten or twenty years ago, it was waiting for the phone to ring (did it ever?). With communication channels being more accessible to shut-ins, social media has helped seniors to stay more mentally active, which helps fight the aging process.

Preventative medicine

Perhaps the biggest factor of all is the advancement of medicine and preventative procedures. Physicians, with the aid of today’s technology, are able to diagnose diseases and ailments much earlier than before.

This allows them to catch things before they become too big of a problem, and even if there are serious issues, medicine has come a long way in the treatment of major illnesses.

This, in combination with all the other factors, greatly increases seniors’ state of mind and state of health, allowing you to have a few more vital years with your aging loved ones.

Our generation of seniors is in better shape than before

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